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About the Luthier                                                  

Hello and welcome to Michael Carroll Guitars. Carroll Guitars was created from Michael's burning passion for guitars and the sounds they produce, which began on his 12th birthday when he received his first acoustic guitar. From that point forward, Michael began playing and developing an acute curiosity as to what makes this box with strings tick.

Michael built his first guitar from a kit, and through much experience since, has come to know the importance of research and how it applies to wood resonance, density, amount of moisture, thicknessing of plates, and scalloping of braces to obtain the desired tonal qualities, just to name a few of the attributes that go into crafting a fine instrument.

Carroll Guitars offers up the best materials and incorporates traditional methods of tried and true procedures that will endure the tests of time. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and has put his education to good use building a company that he can be proud of as well as offering up a custom quality product.

Have a look around the site, if you have any questions please feel free to call or email.

Member of: Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans

Guild Of American Luthiers